Love Is The Medicine For Broken Hearts

You might have met such people who have no signs of life due to a very tragic incident in their life or just due to extreme frustration. These people usually get into drugs and other dangerous addictions and ruin their lives forever. For such people, love is the medicine. Love is the only thing that can mend a broken heart. Closure, comfort and sincerity are what the broken hearts require. Never underestimate the ones with broken hearts. They are capable of doing much dangerous deeds just to get away from the facts of life. Mending their broken hearts will be a feel-good deed for you.

love medicine

Factors Leading To Broken Hearts

There are some tragic factors that lead to a broken heart. These factors might include:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Breakup with your special someone
  • Losing your best friend
  • Too many complexities of life
  • Depression
  • Frustration etc.

These factors might force the people to get caught up in wrong doings like addiction of drugs. We have the responsibility to mend their broken hearts. Whether it is someone you know or someone you don’t, you need to try once to provide closure to him. They might need this dose of love, affection and attention. They might be suffering from great tragedies without anybody even noticing them.


Be There For Someone

Mending a broken heart isn’t just a responsibility; it also provides you inner pleasure that nothing else does. The pleasure that you get when someone smiles because of you is like no other worldly pleasure. When you stay beside someone when he needs you badly, someone might be there for you in the time of trouble.

mending broken heart

Impact Of Love On Society

Broken hearts can be found everywhere. In our neighborhood, in our schools, work places etc. the fact remains that nobody is going to get up and tell you he’s depressed. You need to be in contact with people around you in such a way that they share all their problems with you. The next step is helping them in any way you can.

love is my medicine


We see a lot of musicians only producing sentimental music. There are some examples among us about the people who just expressed their broken hearts in their songs and got fame. We listen to their songs and enjoy but we don’t know the reality and the hardships those people are facing due to which they have written such depressing songs. That’s called communication gap.

We need to remove the little barrier between us and the rest of the world in order to mend those broken hearts completely. it might seem difficult at first, but trust me, our society would be at peace with happiness all around.

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