25 Famous John Cena Pictures

John Felix Anthony Cena born in April 23,1977 in USA. He is 6ft 1 inch tall and weight is 251 lbs. He is an actor and professional wrestler and now he is working in wwe. Cena wrestling career is very best, he has won 19 titles in his career. Wwe championship 10 times,many times won world heavyweight title, united states champion and tag team champion. In 2008, cena won the Royal rumble event, In 2010, contract of Money In The Bank for wwe championship. He made his name slammy award for two times. He also has the longest period champion of wwe in 2006-2007 and that duration is 380 days. In 2001 cena debut in wwe.  Cena is very strong wrestler and has ability to pick up heavy wrestler like big show, mark henry etc. He is very ruled wrestler and never broke the role if sometime he defeated unfortunately. Few days ago, Triple threat match between Cena, Punk and big show for Heavyweight championship. John fighting well in that match and in the end big show hit the punk and he fall away then immediately Cena stand, pick up big show and smash in ring but punk stand up from behind and throw cena out of ring. Pin on big show and defend his title. This all is happened in 2 or 3 seconds. All people are surprised to see cleverness of Punk. Anyhow this is happening in Wrestling

John is Very best actor and a strong wrestler. He released his album “You Can’t See Me” that is very popular in people and nominated for #15 in US Billboard 200 chart. The Marine, 12 Rounds and Legendary is the most successful movies of john that earned glory for him. Many actresses, kid, superstars etc are keen to meet with him in reality. He recorded his entrance theme in his own voice The Time Is Now and that song is taken from his album you can’t see me. Ready to rumble is first movie of john cena.
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