20 Extremely Lovely Love Quotes

Love Quotes have always lightened up our mood by making us happy and get rid of depressed feelings. When we talk about love, it’s not only the love between a school boy and girl. This love can be with anyone, it can be with your parents, God, your pet or any other thing with whom you are attached to.  Losing one love does mean that you can’t trust love again or you won’t fall in love now. Love is found everywhere it just takes the right eye or feeling to recognize it.  Think about the love of a mother with her child.  It’s a love that is matchless and no matter where you go, you won’t find any love like hers.
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Why are the Love Quotes are so special?

We all know live is not a bed of roses.  No one remains happy for long and there is no joy that can last forever. Sometimes your life just becomes worthless.  But that does not mean giving up, we have just got to be prepared for the tough time.  The quote of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah about life is the best quote to move on happily. He said “Expect the best, Prepare for the Worst”. It’s a really good piece of advice that whenever love has hurt you, read some nice love quotes and you will feel better in no time.   We say that love hurts but in fact love is the best feeling in the world. It just takes you higher and higher.  Only lies, ignorance, cheat and being left alone makes you disappointed and leaves you hurt and we confuse it with love. Love just needs honesty, commitment, friendship and understanding.


When you are at the worst stage of your life and you see no hope, love is the only feeling that can save you and light your way up. One simple smile of love can give you such support that you will not find anywhere else. Though the path of love may not appear to be simple, but if you are committed, patient and honest then you can certainly take up all challenges.  Love quotes sure is the only way to get peace of mind and soul. Many of the love quotes have proven to be inspirational for the lovers as they have helped people in meeting up the challenges they have to come across.  Hence, keep on reading the love quotes and hope for the best.  These love quotes will give pleasure to your soul!


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